The Flock is an image of a large flock of seagulls taking flight in the light blue skies.  The laughing seagull is a common site in the Bahamas, they are scavengers and will eat just about anything they can fly off with.  Each year during their mating season huge flocks of seagulls can be found on various beaches or my favorite place Lake Cunningham, courting and mating on the shore and out in the water. They fly in to the location early in the morning and leave as the sun sets.

This image required a fast shutter speed since the birds themselves are moving and even more-so are their wings.  A shutter speed below atleast 1/125 of a second would show up as motion blur on their wings. Instead of being slightly creative and using the motion blur I opted for freezing the action by taking my shutter speed at a higher rate. To ensure all the birds are in clear focus an aperture of f8 or greater was used and because of the bright day a low iso setting of no more than iso200.




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