Fine Art Photography - Abstract

The board walk is a simple photo of the planks of wood that make up the board walk on a local beach in Nassau. The wood is fairly close to the sand so it made the image basically flat, mainly because of the lack of color contrast. The way I approached this image was to ensure that the grain and the directions of the plank was in a diagonal orientation to the camera, thus making it a bit more interesting that having the planks run either vertically or horizontally.  By setting my camera to a high burst rate of 6fps and then bracketing the shots within a 1/3 range of each other, I was able to record the brightest part of the image as well as the darkest portion of the image and then blend them all together in post to create a detailed and textured image.

Editing in post is where the second part of this image process came into play. I wanted to convert a plain wooden walk way into an abstract image. In post I decided to and a few colro filters a bit of burning of the edges and shadows and bring out a bit more of the detailed texture of the wooden planks to make the image more contrasty and stand out.

The end result is what you see here.


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