The Photo Spices was taken underneath the bridge at Potters Cay Dock. The vendors there a variety of produce and spices for sale. Its often fun to get out and do a walk about and see what you find at these outdoor markets. Dried conch, coarse salt, home made pepper in a bottle, thyme, mangoes, and many other interesting things.  The lighting can be tricky as the sun moves from the eastern side of the bridge to the west the light color and quality can change throughout the day.

This particular shot was taken about mid day when the bridge cast a shadow over the vendors and their stalls. The problem with this type of sun is that it is often very bluish in color. The easiest way to correct this bluish color cast is to switch your white balance to shade. Once that is done its just a mater of good com positioning to avoid any part of your background from being blow out or over exposed. As you will be exposing for the items under the shade, anything outside of that shaded or darker area will be considered out of the range of the camera and it will be over exposed. The best way to counteract this problem is to pay attention to your background and compose for the items only under the shade.

In this image at the top of the photo you can see the portion of the background which was not under the shade but in direct sunlight, thus its over exposed. However the overall image is well exposed and our subject matter, the bottles of home made pepper sauce is well exposed while all other items tend to be soft in the background.



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