The Water Tower

The Water Tower


Did you know that next to Fort Fincastle on top of Bennett’s hill stands the water tower of which its top makes it the highest point on the island of New Providence? The water tower was built in 1928 to provide a steady water pressure to the city of Nassau and it stands 216ft amsl and 126ft agl. So little information is on file for the tower that general knowledge stops at date of building its height and its purpose. Questions that need to answered are who built it, how long did it take, why that specific design, where are the pipes that provided the city with water, how does it actually work, who dug or laid the pipes if there were any leading to the city, who managed the light beacon atop the tower, why use it as a light house when paradise island light house was functional from 1817? There are many questions with little to no documentations to answer them.

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