The Cenotaph

The Cenotaph


Did you know that a Cenotaph is an empty tomb or monument built to honor a person or group of people who died and their remains are elsewhere other than their homeland? The cenotaph, located in parliament square the garden of remembrance, commemorates the brave Bahamians who served under the British army during world wars I and II. The Bahamas was still under British rule and the Empire gave a call for men and women of the British colonies to serve for the crown. The names of those Bahamian soldiers of the British Legion who lost their lives are engraved on the plaques at the base of the monument. The builder and its completion date is unknown


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  1. The cenotaph, a memorial to the Bahamians who died in world war I and II originally stood on the Fredrick Street steps,constructed by W.V. Eneas in 1925, the cenotaph was moved to its present site between the supreme court and Nassau Public Library building after World War II. (Nassau’s historical land marks- by Gail Saunders and Linda M. Huber pg 19)

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      Great information Tanisha Im going through many of Gail Saunders books to gather more information. She has spent much time researching our history. Thank you for the additional info.

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