Rooster Statue


Facing in a Northerly direction on the round about of Blue Hill road, Tonique Williams Darling Highway and Independence highway stands a statue that many passing by will stare and take a look at, for the locals however it has become an item that simply exist but is hardly look at. This statue is in the form of a rooster.  It was designed and built by one of the worlds greatest artist and sculptor Stephen Burrows. Mr Burrows is a self learned welder that has sculpted some of the most viewed large scale artwork in the Bahamas. The rooster was built and put in place in 1983 on top of a platform in the center of the large round about.

Mr Burrows has sculptures in New Providence, Exuma, San Salvador and Abaco. The exact specifications of this sculpture are unknown, I’m sure its height, weight, material and time it took to build are on record somewhere but not in the public domain at this time.  To fully view the beauty of this art piece I suggest you park your vehicle nearby and carefully make your way to the center of the roundabout to get a better understanding of the size and magnificence of The Rooster Statue.


[zooeffect AUJAwc7RmqDb]




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