Parliament Buildings

rawsons square (4)   Did you know that the parliament buildings were built by the loyalist between 1790 and 1815 which makes the buildings between 174-199 years old, the middle building is said to have started at about the same time as the gaol but being smaller the gaol was completed first. Those are some old buildings for a small island. The buildings were designed after buildings in the capitol of North Carolina at the time. The center building is where the Senate meets the building to the right is the House of Assembly and the building to the left is said to be the office of the leader of the opposition or the office of the speaker of the house. In front of the senate is a marble statue of Queen Victoria, it was placed there in 1905 on the queen’s birthday of May 24. rawsons square (2)     rawsons square (8)rawsons square (12)




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