Paradise Island Lighthouse

The Paradise Island Lighthouse

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Did you know that the paradise island lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse in the Bahamas?

Although from a distance it doesn’t seem so old but if you keep in mind that It was built in 1817 which, as of 2014, makes it 197 years old. There are so many unknown facts about the paradise island light house and even more unconfirmed information. What is known, however, Paradise Island Lighthouse Bahamas photosis that the lighthouse has withstood 25 major hurricanes since it was built. That is an amazing feat in its self. The strongest recorded winds of these 25 hurricanes topped off at 160mph which was from the 1932 hurricane.

The  most devastating hurricane to hit this light house was the 1929 hurricane that claimed seven lives in the Bahamas. If you were wondering why these devastating hurricanes have no name its because hurricanes were given official names by the National Hurricane center until 1953 hence the two most devastating hurricanes that hit the Bahamas are only known as the  1929 and 1932 hurricanes.Through all those years of being battered by strong winds and powerful waves the paradise island lighthouse stood its grounds.

Its good to note that shipwrecking was still a viable business before lighthouses were built and it wasn’t until the 1860’s and the abolishment of shipwrecking that the building of lighthouses began. There is so little public knowledge on the specifics of the paradise island lighthouse Paradise Island Lighthouse Bahamas photosand much more research must be done to gather information on its history such as who built it, how long did it take, how tall does it stand, what type of illumination it originally had and how far it could have been seen, who maintains it today and what are plans on maintain it in the future. A few books have been written that discusses some issues but do not tackle them all. .

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