Government House

Christopher Columbus Statue


Did you know that Government House is listed as the official residence of the Governor General of the Bahamas? The original government house was the home of Governor Richard Fitzwilliam and was completed in 1737 but was soon replaced with a new building built in the Georgian Colonial style as we see it today. The hill on which it sits was named after governor fitzwilliam, ergo mount Fitzwilliam. The newly completed limestone building was first occupied by Governor Charles Cameron in 1806 and it stood proudly atop the hill until the hurricane of 1929 severely damaged much of the building, it was rebuilt and repaired by 1932. In front of the building midway down the staircase is a statue of Christopher Columbus. It was made in London and planted in front of the building by Governor James Carmichael Smyth in 1830. The statue was renowned for its size standing at 12 feet more than its representation.


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