Welcome to The Bahamian Photographer

Welcome to the Bahamian Photographer Thank you for visiting the site. This site is dedicated to my adventure travels as a Photographer in the Bahamas and else where but mainly you will see tons of Bahamas photos and places in the Bahamas that you may have wondered about.

Why Bahamas Photos?

I often find myself in interesting locations or photographing things that make me smile or bring about some sort of emotion. Since I realized that I had literally tons of images stored on my hard drive that have never been seen by anyone else other than the few close friends and family members. I decided to share them all with the world.

I was born and raised on the island of New Providence of which the capital is called Nassau. However most persons refer to the whole island and Nassau. Many of my Bahamas photos will focus mainly on Nassau and many of my information will be mainly about people places and things found on Nassau

The Bahamian photographer is an sister website to Rashad Penn Photography as I am Rashad Penn and I am also the Bahamian photographer. I hope you enjoy these little adventurous trips and interesting Bahamas photos as we journey together capturing the life of The Bahamian Photographer my country and my people.


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