Making cinemagraphs for the first time.

Making Cinemagraphs for the first time

Being a photographer at heart drives me to try new things.  Nothing special behind it, its just a welcomed challenge to try new techniques in photography. Its a great way to stay creative and keep you photo mind filled with ideas and ways to capture different subjects.


I had seen some interesting moving pictures online and wondered how they were done. They were not completely videos and not completely still photos but a combination of the two. I dug deeper and found that they were gif files. A gif file is nothing new but these were different from the run of the mill gif of a celebrity doing something funny or a cat continually jumping. they were almost like moving art.




Digging deeper into the images I found that they were different. they were gif’s but they had a name. Cinemagraph. I began scouring the web to find out more about these cinemagraphs, see how were they made and how I can make some for myself. Its not as easy as one may think.

The concept of a cinemagraph is to have a beautiful image nicely composed as you normally would with a photo but a small part of the image will be moving. Its a weird thing to look at for the first time but once you get used to it you see how beautiful they can be.

I tried a few times to capture such images and found that there are a few things you must take into account first. This is the trial and error process. this is the most frustrating part because it seems as if you will never be able to make such images.


Eventually you continue to experiment with different images and locations until you get a handle on what to capture. The next part is how to put it all together. This took me in to lots of editing using various software which sometimes worked but it did not give me the flexibility I needed. Ultimately I resorted to the manual way of using Photoshop to make the images. I found two ways that worked and experimented with both of them until I was able to adjust a technique that I liked the most.


Now that I have a good grasp on what to do I can now take my time to find great locations and come up with interesting ideas on making more cinemagraphs.



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