The Queens Staircase aka 66 steps

The Queen Stair Case
Located at the bottom of Bennet's Hill the Queens Staircase also known as 66 steps is a marvel for many who visit. It was carved out of the soft lime stone sometime in the 1790's which would make the site over 200 years old.


The Queen Stair CaseThe Queen Stair Case

History states that it took over 600 slaves over 16 years to not only carve the stair case but to dig out the quarry opening that leads to the staircase. This quarry is said to have been used to build Fort Fincastle which sits atop of the Bennet's Hill the height from the bottom to the top is 102 ft and from the steps to the entrance is about 80 meters or about 260 feet.


The Queen Stair CaseThe Queen Stair Case

The staircase was named the Queens Staircase in honour of Queen Victoria and her reign when she abolished slavery. Originally there were only 64 steps to the stair case but the top and the bottom were to high to step up comfortably thus two more steps were added and the name 66 steps was born. Over time one of the 66 steps had been worn out from rain and traffic but the the existing 65 steps has been preserved by a layer of brick.

On the side of the steps as you walk either up or down is a water fall that seems to be on its own time schedule of when it is on or off but when it is on it roars and gives a surreal sound and feeling of being transported back into time.


The Queen Stair CaseThe Queen Stair Case

At the top of the stair case there are often locals that are willing to give you more information about the steps, its history and the people who carved it. If your traveled up the staircase you can walk to the Water Tower or Fort Fincastle and even better be sure to purchase a local souvenir from the vendors or the official Bennet's Hill store.


The Queen Stair CaseThe Queen Stair CaseThe Queen Stair Case



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