Bust of Sir Milo Butler Statue

Bust of Sir Milor Butler


Did you know that the bust of sir Milo Butler weighs 375lbs and with its stone pedestal clocks in at over 550lbs? Located across from parliament square the bust of sir Milo Butler is made of an alloy of 85% copper 5% tin 5% zinc and 5% lead, this is known as gun metal or red brass. Because of its make up the red brass will oxidize and will result in the greenish look called bronze patina. The statue is hollow about 1/2 inch thick and was made by Randolph W Johnson in Little Harbour Abaco and put in its place in 1986. A plaque on the front reads "Sir Milo Boughton Butler K.C.M.G.G.V.O. born at New Providence August 11, 1906. Married Caroline Watson and was father to 10 children, served as Vestryman, Synods man, Businessman and Politician". Also on both sides of the statue are Lignum Vitae trees for those who have never seen one.


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